To provide victims of domestic and violent crimes multiple community and government services at one location with priority to provide a safe place where no offenders or batterers are allowed.

basic partners

Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Civil Legal Service Providers and Community-based Advocates .

FJC History


Combining Services in One Location

A Family Justice Center (FJC), which is defined in federal law, is the co-location a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who work together, under one roof, to provide coordinated services to victims of family violence. Each FJC, including the San Marcos - Hays County FJC, has basic partners: police officers, prosecutors, civil legal service providers, and community-based advocates. The core concept is to provide a place where victims can go talk to advocate, plan for their safety, interview with a police officer, meet with a prosecutor, receive medical assistance and information on shelter, and get help with basic services such as food and transportation. Services must be provided in one location to effective. This safe place also ensures victims will not meet their batterer, as can happen in courtrooms, police departments or other social service agencies. Family Justice Centers are for victims only.

In addition to these services for victims of domestic violence, the San Marcos - Hays County FJC will also serve victims of violent crimes. These victims may need some of the same services to include access to victim services and a plan to rebuild their sense of safety.

What is a Family Justice Center?

​​​​2000 -  The Village concept conceived to include (6) founding organizations that agreed to co-locate services. 

2003 -  The Village of San Marcos became a legal nonprofit corporation and received the 501(c)(3) determination from the IRS.

2005 - San Marcos Police Department and San Marcos/Hays County Family Justice Center Services joined the Village Partners.

The Village of San Marcos acquired 29 acres for the Village Campus in the 2700 block of Hunter Rd. in San Marcos.                                        

2006 -  City of San Marcos provides $66,000 in CDBG Funds to the Village of San Marcos for master planning, engineering and infrastructure of Phase I.

2007 -  City of San Marcos provides $283,400 in CDBG funds to the Village of San Marcos for the additional engineering, land requirements and infrastructure of Phase II.

The Friends of the Family Justice Center, Inc. became a legal nonprofit corporation and received the 501(c)(3) determination from the IRS.

2008 - Hays County Commissioners approve $1.6M for park road, sports complex and park area. Phase I construction begins. - Phase I.

2009 - Village Main Agreement is signed between Community Action, Inc., E.C.I. Early Childhood Intervention-Homespun, Family Justice Center F.J.C. of San Marcos/Hays County & W.I.C. Women, Infants and Children to co-locate in the Village Main Building - Phase II.

2010 - City of San Marcos dedicates $500,000 for the design, development and construction of the Village Main Building - Phase II of the Village Campus.

2011 - Grant Research to fund Village projects.

2012 - Performance Measures created for Village Main Building Partners.

2013 - Board Development & Strategic Planning for Friends of the Family Justice Center.

2014 - Kick-off Capital Campaign for Village Main.

2017 - Capital Campaign concludes

2018 - Construction Phase begins with general contractor, Sabre Commercial Inc.

2019 - The Village Main Building opens in January as the new Family Justice Center begins serving clients in the new facility located at 215 S. Reimer Avenue, San Marcos, TX.

FFJC Board Members continue to seek funding opportunities to hire full-time staff to manage the Family Justice Center and coordinate services in addition to raising funds to cover Operation & Maintenance expenses in their rent-free facility. 


Counseling, Economic Development, Law Enforcement, Medical, Mentoring/Life Skills, Prosecution and Legal Services.

Serving San Marcos & Hays County